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We are looking for fosterers in the Dundee/ Forfar areas 
Fosterers required for Adult Cats/kittens desperately needing to come into our care,
you will need to have a spare room and be within travelling distance to our vets.

We are a friendly and dedicated team and supply everything that is required first and foremost is the welfare of the cats

Please email us in the first instance 

News January 2023

Cats Protection are closing in Dundee, there are a lot of reason why this is wrong but most of them can wait, how it affects Angus Cat Rescue is what matters.

-We have always taken up the slack, over Christmas when these big organisations close their doors and have a wee break we (Angie) is still answering her phone and helping where we can.

-All of our fosters are looked after by volunteers, 99% are in fosterers homes, we have a small numbers of pens but these are only used when they are absolutely needed. Foster spaces are never empty, we run at 100% capacity 100% of the time

-All vet bills, food, litter, transport, equipment and comfort is paid for from the hard work of a brilliant team of volunteers who dedicate so much time and effort to making sure that no cat in our care goes without. Some poor souls come to us in a terrible condition and require thousands of £s to mend them.

- We are often asked to take the beloved pets of someone who has passed, we take the cat, we pay for this from our fundraising.

We are not saying anything against CP, I'm demonstrating why choosing to not reopen Dundee will have a domino affect for us.

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