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December 16, 2017

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Cory Update 05/11/2017

November 05, 2017

Well she was doing not bad with her feeding tube in and was gaining weight but still not eating herself but she is still snottery so not smelling the food, but today she managed to pull the tube out so was reinserted under a light sedation but the little madam had taken it out again, her chest is crackly so I don't want to put her through a general anaesthetic so have asked for her to be syringe fed again till tomorrow and see how she is

Cory update

November 04, 2017

Cory still has her feeding tube in place, she is getting stronger in some ways but still not eating of her own accord which is always a worry but still under the care of our fantastic vets and nurses x


October 30, 2017


The volume of Cats that come though ACR is growing month on month.
Last week we rescued Angel, a heavily pregnant Cat who was minutes away from having her Kittens aborted. You can read the full story below.

Every penny and pound really does make a huge difference, so if you can even afford to give a little, please do so here:


Angel came into our care on Wednesday, aged less than a year old and heavily pregnant.

We received a call from a local Vets, they had exhausted all other options and it was made clear that we weren’t just Angel’s last chance, but her unborn Kitten’s only chance too.

Just 24 hours later, on Thursday night, she gave birth to her first two kittens.
Sadly, the first did not survive.

With more kittens to come, and in desperate need of help to deliver, we took Angel to our Vets on Friday were she underwent an emergency c-section. Two more beautiful kittens were born.

They were weak, and slow to pick up, but after intense care from the team of Vets and Nurses, they were reunited with their mother, Angel, and have since got stronger and stronger.

This is just one example of the work that we do. We currently have 35 cats in our care, some looking for their forever home, with others going through rehabilitation so they can be homed in the future.

We visit the Vets almost daily. The majority are for health checks, vaccinations, microchipping and neutering, but we are often the go-to rescue for Cats with more critical health issues, as we never shy away from trying to give all Cats the best possible chance of a healthy and happy life.

We’re going to give weekly update, with photographs, on Angel and her Kittens, so you can watch them grow into their own little characters ahead of finding their forever homes.

We can only afford to do the work that we do with generous donations from you, the caring public.
Every penny and pound really does make a huge difference, so if you can even afford to give a little


Back to the vets with another wee poorly girl

November 04, 2017

Back to the vets with another wee poorly girl who we have called Duchess she isn't happy at all and who can be surprised as this was her with her litter mates when they came in

It never just rains it pours!

October 24, 2017

Corry is still an inpatient in the vets, she was doing fine and just about ready to come back to us at the end of last week but sadly started to go down hill again and everything was really looking bad yesterday. Thankfully for now she is holding on after a change of treatment but is far from being out of the woods.

We all have everything crossed that this wee girl will make it.

There are also 3 poorly kittens that were rushed to the vets last night too, they have been up and down but as with all of our cats and kittens getting excellent care from our fosterers and vets.

If you can spare a few pounds we would be very grateful as you can imagine our vets bill alone is enormous xx


October 25, 2017

Cory still hasn't eaten, we didn't want to have a feeding tube put in as we had everything crossed that after all of the treatments and lots of different foods that she would start to eat, but no. So we have decided she has to have the feeding tube and this is the last thing we can try for her and we really are so grateful to our vets as they do give them everything possible, so everything crossed and here is hoping that this wee one will make it x

Torti baby in for treatment as has very upset tummy

October 25, 2017

Torti baby in for treatment as has very upset tummy

This is a perfect example of how we are never done raising money

This is a perfect example of how we are never done raising money. Its to give them a life.....
3 young Mums all pregnant and abandoned with 5 kittens each . They must have given birth just days apart .We took them all into care , some just days old. We will neuter all mums before they are homed and all kittens will be micro chipped , vaccinated , treated for fleas and worms along with all mums The kittens you see in the pictures are all just about ready for their new homes. 5 of them. They will have a vet visit this week . All kittens are semi long haired..Angela Smith will answer all your queries re homing. <3

Angela having some downtime with a foster kitten

When you could really be getting on with some chores this little munchkin decides it's cuddle time - 

Angela having some downtime with a foster kitten

2nd vaccination for this handsome boy

October 11, 2017

2nd vaccination for this handsome boy at Wallace Vets and now away to head to his new home x — 

5 kittens in for health checks

October 10, 2017

5 kittens in for health checks, 1st vaccinations and microchips and 2 cats back for 2nd vaccinations. No inpatients thank goodness as our vets bill is ever rising with all of the illness and losses we have had this last 2 months.

Some of the kittens were very sleepy I've back home, here is a picture of some of them, how many sets of ears can you see?.

We are always very grateful for any donations that we receive our PayPal address is x — at Wallace Vets..

Words sometimes just don't cover it in rescue ;-(

October 20, 2017

Words sometimes just don't cover it in rescue there are always ups and downs to say the least this week being that for sure. .

Luna took ill just a couple of weeks ago, all possible tests were done after a couple of days in the vets but nothing came back with a reason for her having problems with her back, sadly after another vets visit and (we had everything crossed) treatment it was not to be as she deteriorated and the decision had to be made to let her go.

Another wee boy wee have had been back and forward to the vets with a high temperature, off his food and generally very unwell, thankfully he is slowly getting there and eating little amounts often.

Our vets bill is horrendous to say the least an if you feel you could help us with a donation through PayPal or our bank account we would be very grateful. We are also looking for assistance with fundraising.

A very small snippet into rescue, we have the most fantastic foster mums and dads and without them we couldn't do what we do. Along with everyone who supports us in lots of different ways what a team xx for some more info. If you would like to support us please get in touch.

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