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Jaffa Cake came into us at Angus Cat Rescue in August of 2020 after being found as a feral kitten living  on the street  beside the Overgate Centre,Dundee.  A good friend of the rescue managed to capture the fiesty wee boy and brought him straight to us.  Time was spent by our dedicated foster  mum Pauline and her family spent time  taming him down and turned him  into a loving wee kitten. 

When Jaffa was ready he was vaccinated, neutered and microchipped etc as is normal for getting our cats and kittens ready for new homes.  A short time after his neutering Pauline noticed that he was changing and his tummy was much larger than it should be, he stopped eating and became extremely lethargic so off he went to the vets various tests and treatments where given as we try everything we possibly can to save them but we were suspicious and on the 6th of December our vets were certain it was wet FIP, as most will know there is no treatment that any veterinarian can give to save a life of any cat or kitten with FIP either wet or dry.  We had heard of treatments that could be obtained through the internet and decided to take the plunge and joined an FIP fighters page and numerous other similar pages and found that we could order through a rep for one of the companies, we had to give all the information we could to allow them to help with the dosage required and the facts with regards to no food an hour before and after medication, supplements that are required and which blood tests etc they would require 4 weeks after treatment started.This treatment is far from being cheap but the improvement within days was remarkable to see, he went from being a lethargic sad wee boy with a big tummy back to being full of life, eating like there was no tomorrow and the tummy was disappearing!  4 weeks in he gained weight, continuing to thrive and loving life! Pauline and her family are totally committed to keeping Jaffa Cake in foster he has to have 84 days of this medication daily at the same time everyday, we have another 2 sets of bloods to check everything is in order and coming back into line and then as his treatment finishes on the 84th day we also have to have an ultra sound carried out to check that the fluid has gone.  All of this for this special boy who was extremely lucky to be found, brought into our care and be with a very experienced committed fosterer and family.  The treatment and veterinary fees do cost a fair amount but he and so many more deserve a chance especially when they were living the very first part of their lives on the streets!  Every penny that we raise will be going to help Jaffa Cake we really have everything crossed that he will continue to thrive!

Covid has made it more difficult to raise the funds we need to continue to do what we do please help us to help Jaffa Cake and every other little soul that needs our help.

You can follow Jaffa Cake on Facebook he does have his very own blog it has the same title as his very special last picture is when he was very  poorly, please help us to be able to continue to do what we do xx

Jaffa Cake our little FIP Fighter Key Ring and/or Badge or donation from £4

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